17 January 2009

Better late then never, except when it comes to contracting terminal diseases....

Hello fellow Literary types!

This blog has been in desperate need of updating throughout the entire year, but now I finally intend to get around to doing it!

We'll be having auditions soon for the English Club's annual feature film! This year, we'll be doing Henry James' "Turn of the Screw." For those of you unfamiliar with the text, it is a short novella about a Governess attempting to save the two children she is charged with from the corruption of evil spirits; however, is the governess really protecting the children? Or, is the Governess the real stem of the problems going on in the house? It is an excellant read, but I'd suggest short increments, Henry James' work is good, but, in my opinion, not intended for large doses in one sitting like some authors.

I'll be sure to be posting more in the near future once we meet to cover our spring schedule and finalize auditions for the movie parts! Expect more updates to come! I'll also be posting our pictures from the Renaissance Faire this week! I'd be doing it right now, but I've just realized the pictures are sitting in my Dorm room and I'm at home... A minor problem.

I'll chat with you all soon!

Signing off.

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